VI International Congress on Combustion Engines

Automex Sp. z o.o. partcipated in VI International Congress on Combustion Engines, taking place on June 22nd-24th  2015 in Olsztyn.

We presented three papers co-authored by the employees of Automex sp z o.o. They describe the results of the research conducted within the project co-financed with NCBiR.



  1. The possibility of applying wavelet analysis for diagnostics of the validity of injection process of diesel engine fuel injector based on selected parameters of the reactive cylinder vibration process.
  2. Numerical analysis of the reactive cylinder vibration signal caused by fuel stream in terms of using obtained results to evaluate the fitness of the injector.
  3. Estimation of Fuel Spraying from Diesel Engine Injector Using Multiresolution Wavelet Analysis of Vibroacoustic Signals.


During the Congress we opened the stand which promoted our latest products. The exhibition consisted, among others, of the engine dynamic test bed, vehicle telematic educationa board and engine test stand simulators. The visitors could get acquainted with the latest measuring and control system for an engine test stand Parm® and the modified version of the fuel conditioner with a double measuring canisters.